Brownie Flash Six-20 (by Kodak): 1940-1946, 620 film
Fun little camera, 620 film. The most rediculously tiny viewfinder of all; which seemed to be common in this period, but this one is exceptionaly small!

The light leaks are from my respooling 120 onto 620 spools, not the camera (I assume).
This great ol' camera focus system is either a "5-10 feet" or a "beyond 10 feet" set by a lever which actually moves a lens in or out of the primary focus like a miniture magnifying glass.
Lens switching is visible in the last camera image. How cool is that system!
Shutter speed is either fixed "I" or bulb "B" where you hold it open as long as you wish.
There are two flash mount screws on the front, my left (right in front-on pictures) came missing. I covered it with tape in case of light leaks through the hole.