Camera repair - or perhaps simply opening up cameras for fun
1948 Argoflex. Shutter did not fire so I opened it up.
There was a bent arm interior to the mechanism that I straightened and got the shutter to fire. About 30 test shots and the re-bent arm broke. Dang. There is a lot of internal wear and gouging from the bent arm.
Ansco Memo II - early 1960's half frame.
Shutter did not fire. This is a tiny half frame camera and the guts are just packed. I got it opened fairly far and moved some of the mechanisms around and got it working again. Going deeper into this camera is beyond my abilities. Selinium light meter still works fine. Fun and very tiny clock work wound camera (15 or so shots per wind).
Stereo Realist. The film counter wheel did not rotate fully and I thought there was a problem with the film engaging the sprocket gear to move the counter too. I filed the disc of the counter a tiny bit (probably years of gunk) and got it to rotate freely. I built a nifty if basic jig to work with the pressure plate to hold the film tightly against the sprocket then noticed a tiny guide that holds the film against the sprocket. Oh well, should have paid more attention. It was good to open it up and clean it anyway. FUN camera!
These three shots show the shutter "firing" by being pulled open by hand.
This is a fun and easy camera to work on.
Perhaps later I will add some more descriptions of what you see here.....