Kodak: 1927
Adventurer 620: 1950's
Airesflex 120: 1950's
Nikon FM10: 2000's
AnscoPix Panorama: 1990's
Konica TC: Japan, 1980's
Agfa Billy Record: Germany 1930's
Canon AE1: 1970's
Smena 8M: USSR 1980's
Anscoflex II: 1950's
Holga: 2000's
Spartus Box Camera: 1950's (?)
Brownie Target Six-20: 1950's
Argus Argoflex 40: 1951
Argus C3: 1950's
Imperial Savoy: 1960's
Brownie Flash: 1940's
Diramic: USSR, 1970's
Praktica: East Germany 1970's
Argus Argoflex 75: 1951
I really enjoy film cameras. Funky ones with odd bodies, fixed focus, fixed shutter speed and the funky results are my favorites. I hope you enjoy!
I do not generally crop nor "Photoshop" my images, except to brighten exceptionally dark images. I use the default scanner settings and get what I get. Lots of folks "Photoshop" their work, and that is fine, but for now I prefer the raw results.
Fed Micron half frame: USSR 1970's
Olympus Pen EE2 Half frame
Kodak MotorMatic 35, 1960's

Agfa Isomat-Rapid

Brownie Bull's-eye: 1960's
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Mercury II: 1945-52
Ansco Memo II: 1960's
Stereo Realist: 1952